Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Sony Walkman Phones - The Challenge Ahead

There has been a substantial rise in the revenue and profits share of Sony Ericsson for the second year in the running. In a highly competitive market, the group seems to have addressed the varied needs of mobile users in the most comprehensive manner.

The sales figure of the flagship Walkman models constitute the largest share of the pie. From the entry level W200i to the most recent accomplishment- the W960i, the range of phones in the Walkman series is exhaustive and caters to consumers from different economic strata.

The success formula seems simple -any new entrant to the Walkman family is packaged with incremental upgrades (more space, more megapixels, better music controls etc) and Sony Ericsson seems to have highlighted the slim & trim profile of late. With the launch of the iPhone though, the competition is sure to become stiffer and meatier.

Will the Walkman phones rise up to the challenge? Find out in the next review where i will compare the much hyped, loved and abused iPhone with the all new Sony Ericsson W960i - the best Walkman phone yet!

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