Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Sony PlayStation 3: Enter the Arena

High speed car chases, dangerous one man black ops, meticulously designed master-plans to rule the world – reasons for gamers could be varied, but all would confirm in unison the importance of getting the 'feel' of the game.Picking up the right equipment to start with is another tricky area. Among the current crop of seventh generation video gaming consoles, three major players sharing the lion's share are Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

Sony Play Station 3
Sony's PlayStation was one of the major contributor to the video gaming industry as a whole, taking the wild and wacky world of video gaming to everyone. Their latest offering – the Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the meanest machine with impressive graphics quality. The console's primary storage media is Blu-ray Disc, but is supports CDs, DVDs as well as SACDs. This makes the Sony PlayStation 3 one of the cheapest Blu-ray player in the market. High definition video output via HDMI 1.3 port enhances the overall experience of a game or a movie. The console's hard drive is 60GB – big enough to carry every game that catches your fancy. Another variable with 80GB hard drive is being released in South Korea, but the company has denied any plan of its launch in Europe.

Sony PlayStation3

Public enthusiasm for the Sony PlayStation 3 could be gauged by the campers outside stores to grab hold of one of these devices during its launch. There were reports of customers getting manhandled, robbed as well as shot in North America while they tried to lay their hands on it! Wireless game control, large and comprehensive online store and plenty of additional multimedia features makes the Sony PlayStation 3 the ultimate platform for both pro and amateur gamers. However, other two players in the market – Microsoft and Nintendo have their own consoles with their own sets of advantages as well as disadvantages. While the number of games available increases dramatically once one shifts to Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii offers a new way of 3D wireless controlled gaming.

Competition brings out the best – as it happened with the seventh generation gaming consoles. However, with so many options in hand, one can not help but get confused while picking up one. But in any case, if high definition pictures and sounds for the ultimate 'feel' is your priority – Sony PlayStation 3 is the way to go!

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