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iPad 2 - Full Specs Review - Compare with iPad, iPad 3

Apple iPad 2

Apple surprised everyone when it first came out with iPad in 2010. A year after that, the company has come out with second generation tablet, Apple iPad 2. It’s a device that has been released after a year of the original iPad and has generated a lot of expectations in the market. No doubt, it’s an improved device on several counts. But the market has changed and is not the same as it was a year ago. With the entry of companies such as HTC, Blackberry and Samsung, there is competition that Apple will have to deal with. Can Apple do that with iPad 2 or will it allow other companies to catch up?

The answer to that question depends on how good the latest tablet is. Let’s take a look. 

The White version of iPad 2 comes with exactly the same features as the black version. 

iPad 2 Design

Beginning from the design, there is not any major change. Though, the device looks the same, but there are significant improvements when it comes to thinness and lightness. The new device is only 8.8 mm thick which is substantially lower than the 13.4 mm thickness of the original device. The weight of the device has also fallen to 607g which previously was 730g. The dimensions of the device make it thinner even than iPhone 4. 


Let’s put it straight. No changes have been made as far as the screen is concerned. The screen sports the same size and the same display technology. The quality of the display is excellent for all purposes whether you want to watch videos, play games, read books or for that matter want to do any other activity. The 9.7 inch screen uses IPS technology to display images. With such a superb display quality, there is no room to complain and the company is somewhat justified in keeping the screen same. However, as a user, you may feel some disappointment that no changes have been made to the display especially if you consider the fact that the device has been released after a whole year. 

Processor and Operating System

The display may not have changed but considerable changes have been made under the hood that makes the device an improved one. The 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor makes the device fast and very capable of multi-tasking. This was the expected but a very important change as it significantly improves the functioning of the device. Also, the device has 512 MB RAM as opposed to 256 MB that the first version came with. 

As far as the Operating System is concerned, the device runs on Apple’s iOS 4 that is same as is available on iPhone 4. 


There are several factors that make internet surfing on Apple iPad 2 a decent experience. The 9.7 inch screen, Safari browser and good connectivity features combine together to make the device ideal for web browsing. The large screen makes it so much easier to read text with small fonts. The multi touch zoom feature allows users to enlarge the images easily. The pages take no time to load but when it comes to watching videos that requires flash, the experience may not be that pleasant. 


Here is another upgrade and a useful one. Apple did not find it necessary to put a camera on the original iPad. In the second version though, the company has seem to realize the importance of it on the device and has brought a primary as well as a secondary camera. While the rear camera can be used to take pictures, the front facing camera can be used for video calling. The camera is rather basic and there is not really much to talk about when it comes to the picture quality. 

Media and Apps

The media features that are available with the latest tablet from Apple is something the make it the best tablet when it comes to entertainment. Videos, games, movies, all can be enjoyed on it’s 9.7 inch screen. The iMovie app allows the users to download videos and TV programmes. The app also allows the users to edit videos as well. 


The tablet needs a good battery backup to function well. Thankfully, the battery doesn’t disappoint. The Li-Po 6930 mAh battery provides 10 hrs of usage time and 720 hrs of stand by time. The battery can easily outlast 10 hrs with moderate usage.

Final Words

Even with all the new entrants, Apple iPad 2 is arguably the best tablet in the market. Whether it’s the design, the media functionality, the battery life, the latest tablet ticks all the boxes. Most importantly, it’s the power of its dual-core processor that makes it such a desirable tablet. While all the other companies grapple with the nitty-gritty of coming out with an efficient tablet, Apple has once again proved that it will be some more time before other companies are able to catch up.

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