Monday, 26 November 2012

Nokia Lumia 820 – Sporting with Windows Phone 8

Though, Lumia 820 is not being counted among the flagship handsets from Nokia, but it is the first handset from one that has been powered by latest Windows OS. Nokia Lumia 820 looks very pretty and houses much awaited features and apps of Windows.

Nokia Lumia 820 gets place in the market just last month and the people have started to talk about it. Here, you may not find it with the most high-end features and large display, but these points are not firm to get it among the people. The handset houses a packet of features and apps to shout about. In the same month, Nokia has also introduced another bother in name with Lumia 920.

Physically and technically, both handsets are similar, but you would find Lumia 820 with more interesting facets. Being powered by same OS, you would be finding almost similar apps in both Lumia handsets. 

Handset Design

Noticeably, smaller and lighter than 920, the handset gets not any of the similar design signs spotted in its brother apart from the keys placement on the right side of the handset and the compulsory Win Phone keys below the display. In its place, the handset has its hold on fashion and loom. The bent touch screen and the potted polycarbonate case spotted on the Lumia 920 are now no more. On the other side, you find it with plastic and detachable rear case, a swappable battery, a card slot for expanding the memory capacity upto 64GB. 

Display Screen

Nokia has brought Lumia 820 with wide 4.3 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display measuring resolution 800 x 480 pixels. As the gadget experts say, the AMOLED screen is much helpful to enjoy the new appearance of Windows phone 8. Whether you are composing a mail, visiting the websites or enjoying cinemas, you would be getting it with very pleasing experience. Because, it gets more brightness and vividness. 

Software & Processor

As we were known earlier, Nokia Lumia 820 has been powered by Windows phone 8 and most importantly, it is fuelled by 1.5 GHz processor. Providing you with the fast result, the handset helps you to enjoy fast surfing for web portals, and no buffering experience in processing the handset. Besides, Microsoft has blessed its OS with numerous features and applications. So this time, Windows phone is going to give many novel experiences. 

In terms of connectivity software, you find it with all the software and apps that are being preferred a lot for their job. EDGE, GPRS and NFC have been made with the handset. 

Camera - 8 Mega Pixels

Nokia Lumia 820 comes with high-end primary camera that measures 8MP. Here, Nokia has tried to come to near to your feelings and has provided its handset with high-end camera, so that you can click your lovely moments. Besides, it also permits you to capture your favourite moves with the help of capable lenses. 

For the year 2012, Nokia has placed its most awaited Windows handsets Nokia Lumia 820 deals and 920 and these have started to rhythm on your heart-beat.

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