Sunday, 25 November 2012

Galaxy Note 2 - Latest Blow in Mobile Phone Offers

Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s latest blow in the mobile phone market, has set the standard of Samsung very high and this time, the experts are saying that if we are playing with such a high-end device these days, what would be after two or three years.

Samsung has continued the generation of Note and this time a new baby has been introduced in the name of Galaxy Note 2. As we have seen with all the Samsung’s gadgets, it houses the same software and hardware but with upgraded editions and flavour. This time, the Note 2 Deals have come with some new traits also. Samsung has provided you with an opportunity to praise its technical group with the help of Galaxy Note 2. It has been blessed with large display that measures 5.5 inches and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The experience goes very fabulous when you watch a video on AMOLED capacitive touch screen display. 

This time, Galaxy Note has got very beautiful S-Pen that helps you play with its applications. It has been enabled to feel your motion and it brings the outcome what you have written on it. S-Pen is taken as the most innovative step in the mobile phone market. 

Perhaps, its Operating system is playing very big role behind the making of Galaxy Note 2. Here, Samsung has provided it with Android’s latest flavour Jelly Bean along with the faster processor 1.6 GHz Quad-core. Besides, there are a number of Google’s apps inside the handset that can be enjoyed and tasted.

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