Thursday, 19 July 2007

iPhone vs Sony Walkman W960i – Clash of the Titans

Two of the biggest brands in the mobile music industry – Apple's iPhone and Sony's Walkman branded W960i, finally clash for the same spot – the best music mobile phone. Both these brands have their own cults. While the brand name 'Walkman' is associated with revolutionizing the concept of 'mobile music', the iPhone represents the digitized version of the revolution. Finally, these two giants face each other in one common ground – the ever booming music mobile phone market.

The iPhone is Apple's first take on mobile phone, and its launch has been one of the most closely watched event in mobile phone history! The handset is largely successful in delivering everything that was promised, earning rave reviews from hardcore iPod fans to critics. On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson W960i is an upgraded version of the W950i – the former leader of the Walkman series. This latest Walkman phone has been launched with many new additions including a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus.

Music playing capability wise, there is nothing much to differentiate between the iPod and Walkman Series. Both of them play a variety of media file formats and produce the most clear sounds. Except for a few cosmetic differences in their touch sensitive user interface, both the iPhone and W960i matches eye to eye in terms of musical talents.

However, because of Apple's inexperience in mobile technology, the W960i has an edge over the iPhone in terms of connectivity. The biggest advantage of the W960i over the iPhone is its embedded 3G technology – an important feature for the present crop of high end mobile phone users. Another area where W960i can boast of its superiority is its integrated camera module.

Despite these minor disadvantages, one can not outrightly dismiss the iPhone as anything lesser. Afterall, it is a music solution, and with so much of expertise in digital media, the iPhone is not likely to step down to the W960i without a fight.

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