Thursday, 26 July 2007

Welcome the New Contenders

Fighting neck-to-neck in their bid to outdo each other, handsets manufacturers are literally going berserk! Honestly, these major players just cannot afford to be complacent at any stage…you might be out of the race even before you realise it. Nokia and Sony Ericsson are all set to add more fire into the competition with their new prodigies – the Sony Ericsson BRAVIA and the Nokia N97 - still standing in the queue waiting for their turn to tread on the red-carpet. It’s time to grill & pre-investigate their credentials before you find them in your neighbourhood mobile store or your Online Mobile Shop window.

Let's start with Nokia N97. This time, Nokia have perfectly done their homework by achieving a right balance between looks and features – the Nokia N97 is surely a good looking phone with an easy to use keypad and premium steel finish. With a 3-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera with 20x zoom, and a whopping 20GB of in-built memory, the phone surely is loaded!

The Sony Ericsson BRAVIA phone too is a real hunk in the mobile world. Besides supporting mobile TV, it has been further overhauled to offer an enhanced TV picture on its large 3''WQVGA TFT screen. It is a clamshell device, but you can rotate its screen up to 360 degrees to use it like another tablet PC.

The stage looks perfect for these new kids, but the final verdict will be out only when they are tested live.

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