Thursday, 26 July 2007

Nintendo Wii – A New Game Plan

Yet again, Nintendo has hit the bullseye. And the star performer this time is its latest gaming console - Nintendo Wii. The device is proving to be a gamers delight and is now outselling all other consoled combined! So, does it mean that Ninitendo Wi has scored over its arch rivals Sony and Microsoft? You bet! Nintendo has played it in style by focussing on every aspect of the Wii’s design and with a keen appreciation of the growing gaming market.

Nintendo's market plan has been simple. They have not tried to elbow out established giants like Sony, but are getting on board many new gamers. Without relying on conventional marketing plans (something that there competitors were doing), they have resorted to doing something different. The Nintendo Wii has been designed in such a way, that it becomes fundamentally easier to learn and play it– and yes, it is on offer at a more-affordable price point.(Kudos for Nintendo here, seems like the blue ocean strategy has been quite an influence on them!)

'Being different' also means that Nintendo now has set a benchmark for others to follow. The uniqueness, elegance, and simple power of Nintendo’s motion-sensing Wii controller have now garnered great impression. Its media tie-up with YouTube has helped the latter accumulate a huge number of consumer-generated videos of the Wii remote in action.

Nintendo's success of outselling its competitors is splendid, but what's even more impressive is that Nintendo makes a direct profit of $50 on each console it sells (unlike its competitors who rely on per-game license fees from third party game developers). And with the growing popularity of the Nintendo Wii , it has also becoming the most attractive platform for third-party game developers. So, in a long run, Nintendo makes more money here too!

It is clear that the makers of Nintendo Wii surely know how to play their games! 

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