Tuesday, 12 March 2013

HTC One Deals Now On Sale!

HTC One is the latest smart phone to come from the Taiwan based company. The new innovative feature of the device includes Blinkfeed that comes up with wide number of stories and pictures to fill your home screen. The design of the phone has been done with metal casing that make it more appealing.

Only last year the company came up with HTC One c which was very popular for its looks and bold design. But it was given a touch fight by Samsung Galaxy S3 which was released around that time only. There have many instances now where Samsung has taken the crown from HTC.

It’s time for reinvention for HTC. The company has to come with device that has new software and hardware to bring back the crown on its head. Already market is full of speculation for the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4. Will HTC One Deals be able to stand against it? This is to be seen. The device is set for 15th March release.

Let’s take a look at some of its specs

The design of the phone is made up of metal leaving behind plastic. The slim phone comes with the thickness of 9 mm and has weigh which is higher than that of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. If you are the one who are not in favor of devices that feels plastic all the way. HTC one with its metal chassis will definitely attract your attention.

There are speakers at the top and bottom of the phone for best music clarity. The screen of the phone is massive 4.7 inches with high resolution. It produces the images that are bright, sharp with high clarity. There are several keys designed for multi tasking present at the bottom right corner of the phone.

The new HTC phone is powered with Android 4.1.2 comprising of a new interface. The most talked about feature of the handset remains Blink feed which is all new homescreen designed to capture your attention in just 30 seconds. This takes data from various sources like camera, social networking sites, new story and arrange them in random order on your home screen from where you can access them easily.

HTC One has camera feature of 4MP which is less in comparison to other smart phones which are equipped with high power snapper from 8MP to 13 Mp. But the picture quality produced by HTC is better with ICMOS sensor with dropping mega pixel count.

Powered with 1.7 GHz quad core processor the device is backed up with 2G RAM. With this the speed and performance of the phone is greatly enhanced. High speed web connectivity is provided through 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi which are all enabled in the phone.

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