Friday, 15 February 2013

The Best Of The Best Mobile Phone Deals

Mobile phones are, in essence, a commodity. When they came first, they were regarded as a luxury, only for the rich to possess and enjoy. Phones were primitive then, but the technology itself was so highly regarded that they were treated as priceless and people who carried them were seen with reverence no less than that of God. Later, as prices dipped, technology became more sophisticated and advanced, and as networks grew, phones became a utility. People all over could be connected on the go, near or far did not matter anymore and the concept of land-line phones became to disappear. 

Today, with the onset of the new century and endless technological revolutions, the mobile phone today isn’t just a phone anymore; it is a need. It is a must have item for every member of the household, or a professional group. Phones aren't limited to just calling and texting anymore, people hunger for the internet through their phones to stay updated and connected on the go, in every sense of the phrase. And with the phones and offers available today, if you aren't connected, you are going to get left behind. 

We bring you the best of the very best deals available all across the United Kingdom to make you feel connected to this vast, live, breathing and progressively growing network of people all around the world. And we hope you find one just for yourself. 

Let us begin with the true king of kings in this field; Apple. The iPhone 5 is till date their most beautiful offering: sleek, classy, and perfectly sized and boasting a software and power on the inside that you can only expect from Apple. And the deals available on it are no less. With O2 you can have unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data usage, all at £36 per month for 24 months. On T-Mobile you can get yourself 3000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data usage for just £41 per month. 

Want to broaden your horizon? Check out BlackBerry instead; their newest phone which is fast becoming their flagship model, the all-touch Z10. It can be yours for as low as £22.17 per month with Talk-Mobile. And if free gifts are your thing, bump up your price to £28 per month with this network and you get a free PS3 Move. 

The talk of the town, LG made Google Nexus 4. The true surprise package of last year, O2 offers you this phone for a meagre price of £18.50 per month with substantial minutes, texts and data usage. Orange will at almost the same price give you more internet usage, if that sort of thing interests you. 

HTC have been playing this game for a long time now, knowing exactly what to give us and when. Look no further than the One X+. This beauty can be yours for just £22.92 per month with Vodafone and that is by far the most value for money deal we have personally seen. 

And how can we forget Samsung. The Galaxy S3 ladies and gentlemen, all yours with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data usage at just £21.50, courtesy T-Mobile. 

These best mobile phones deals are out there, just waiting for your attention. Go out and get yours, today!

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