Monday, 12 November 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 - Opening Windows for you

Android and iOS are getting very tough competition from Windows end. These times, some mobile phone makers like Nokia have started to power their handsets by mobile phone Windows OS. As Nokia had already announced its association with the Microsoft, it has come out with its new Windows handset famed as Nokia Lumia 800. Though the previous two operating systems are very firm players in the mobile phone market, but Microsoft is also putting its best in the same arena. As the experts think, the OS comes with easiness and friendly operation as you have experienced it in your PC or laptop. Cortex A8 along with 1.4 GHz processor plays very important role in helping the Windows Mango. 

The handset comes with ClearBlack OLED 3.7 inches wide display that is taken as most appealing facet, along with edge to edge screen under the bent Gorilla Glass. But you may get some discontentment while roaming in web world, because the display counts less pixels and it turns blurred when you zoom it out. Moreover, you would again get some discomfort when you find it with no front camera. Because it has become much useful when you love to talk on video callings. But you must be positive and just turn the handset to rear side and a high-end camera measuring 8MP would be waiting there. 

Nokia Lumia 800 have been offered at very inexpensive prices and you can find them easily.

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