Thursday, 19 November 2009

Snooper Strabo Sat Nav: An Advanced Navigator

Snooper Strabo is a Sat Nav comes with still and mobile speed camera warning can also be used as an MP3 player, so now I can listen to all my favorite tracks at anytime.Snooper sat nav systems are the most trendy and stylish giving glossy charming look. But not only are they good looking but also they deliver a performance matchless. With this Sat Nav systems you can even update its speed camera database twenty-four hours a day and three sixty five days a year. Furthermore, Strabo uses a incomparable Enigma database which is also updated on regular basis, therefore, the second new camera is added, because anything less than hundred percent cover is just not an option. Strabo offers you effortlessly from A to B as long as making sure that you get there with your license completely.

Snooper Strabo Sat Nav satellite navigation system is designed in such a way that it can be used straight from the box. Programming a itinerary is an easy, exploitation the LCD touch screen, enter a post code using the full postcode search data offered by Ordnance Survey and Snooper Strabo will take you straight to the room access. Instead, you can search a city or town or even can select from a list of exciting categories including golf courses, hotels, and petrol stations and your route will be shown within seconds.

Snooper Strabo Sat Nav satellite navigation keeps working, establishing all types of speed traps on the way. If you are coming crossway a traffic jam, no need to worry, what you need to do is just make use Strabo’s unique re-routing technology to find an secondary route, all at one touch of the touchscreen button. It also offers you with the type of technology usually combined with units double the price and now even includes an internal MP3 player.

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