Monday, 19 January 2009

Sim Free and Sim Only Deals: Two Pearls Wrapped In Phones

The difference between the Sim Free and Sim Only Deals puzzles me a lot. But, I can understand that these deals are meant to enhance convenience on the life of users. Now, individuals can easily connect with the aid of these deals and pay very less amount of money as phone bills. The deals definitely have proved to be advantageous for everyone in the world.

The SIM free deals keep people free from all commitments to their network provider. Now you can easily look for different alternatives whenever you may so desire. The users can change their handset or their network provider whenever they feel that they should go for a change. This deal comes without a SIM card and so people can easily use their handset for the sake of connecting to different network providers. The SIM of different service providers can be inserted in the mobile gadget so as to access connectivity provided by the different networks.

Companies such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others are offering their handsets under the SIM free scheme. It definitely helps people to keep a watch on their mobile phone spending every month. This is because the users pay off their bills in advance and so can easily control their expenses. Moreover, it helps them ward off every tension from their life regarding phone bills. People thus feel relaxed and can use their phone to connect with others at cost that would never exceed their budget. The money invested as phone bills while availing this deal never gets lost. This is because any remaining balance gets transferred to one's account once the SIM is recharged.

Another exciting deal that has gained considerable notice of people, is the Sim Only deals. Under this scheme, mobile service providers offer their connection to customers for a few days for demonstration sake. The period usually extends for 30 days. During this time, you can make calls and send messages to distant places. You can use the facility offered by the network so as to get a first hand experience of all the facilities provided by the service provider. It thus helps people to get an idea of how efficiently the mobile service provider keeps them connected. Henceforth, if they feel that the service is good enough, then they can continue with it or else the users can serve another 30 days notice for discontinuing the service. After the 30 days spell everything becomes crystal clear to people who use the services of a particular network.

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