Wednesday, 28 January 2009

INQ1 Mobile Phone Review And Specifications

The wonderful INQ1 mobile phone have succeeded in winning the hearts of all widget enthusiasts. These handsets are mainly ideal for web browsing purpose. These smart looking devices are well appreciated by the youngsters and by those people, who are mainly addicted to various social networking Websites. The INQ1 handsets can be ideally used for easy accessing of various networking Websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live messenger etc. In order to access these applications in a more convenient manner, these handsets are equipped with an additional feature known as "Poke", with the help of which we can not only chat and message instantly but can also access Facebook contacts in an instant manner. These smart widgets are preloaded with Skype calling facility, which allows free calling because of its VoIP feature. These mobile phones are enabled with special feature known as "carousel", which enables us to switch between different applications, i.e this button can be scrolled through to launch another application at the same time.

These dynamic mobile phones support HSDPA and can effectively function on 3G network. All the information can be automatically uploaded and updated in the address-book for the convenience of the user. These latest INQ1 mobile phones enable us to whizz through various websites at a high speed due to the presence of high-speed data access. These heart throb handsets are integrated with 3.2 mega pixels cameras. The photos, which are captured by these cameras can be easily uploaded directly to the Facebook. These handsets are preloaded with 1GB internal memory. These dynamic mobile phones are light in weight and have a slide opening mechanism. These slim handsets are fashion-centric and boast enigmatic looks. These handsome widgets can be easily used to access some pf the top websites on the 3 portal such as Yahoo, YouTube and eBay. However, in order to enhance the convenience, the users can save their favourite websites in their bookmarks which are present on the front profile of their mobile phones.

These INQ1 mobile phones are enhanced with RSS feeds and any sort of Facebook or IM updates will be automatically pinged on the screen. In the phonebook, all the individual contacts are always automatically updated with the refurbished data of the Facebook. The online information about the individuals in the phonebook is popped up in order to show the online status of those persons. Whenever these handsets are switched on, various icons dealing with Google, Facebook etc are automatically displayed on the bottom of the screen. The most opulent methods which include surfing, emailing, using IM and updating the Facebook profiles are easily carried out by these mobile phones. The INQ1 mobile phones are multi-media handsets which are ideal for all purposes, including emailing, sending instant text messages, watching Youtube videos, listening to music and so on.

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