Monday, 7 April 2008

TomTom Go 720 Versus TomTom Go 520 – Discover The Difference

The TomTom has launched the world's latest portable navigation solutions in its “Go” range. Two of the more prominent gadgets from this series are the TomTom Go 720 and the TomTom Go 520. These car navigation systems come with 3D graphic interfaces that enable a wider view of the surroundings. These devices have a unique map improvement technology that allows the users to instantly improve upon their own maps by making use of a feature called the TomTom Mapshare. There are special capabilities in this device as well. The 720 can easily receive traffic information and can also be used for making hands-free calls, for instance.

The functionality of both these devices remains the same with some differences. The 720 is a little larger in size in comparison to the 520. My friend Joe has a large grip and so prefers to use the Go 720 that has a dimension of 4.65" x 3.27" x 0.94". The device weighs 7.75 oz./0.49 lbs and so gives the feel of a solid gadget. This gadget can also be used to record one's own voice directions. It is marvelous for navigation and gives quick a GPS fix, whenever such a need comes up. The Tom Tom Go 520, on the other hand, is also by no means less attractive as it comes with dimensions of 118 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm and weighs 220 gms.

The FM transmitter allows the smooth functioning of both these gadgets as they can be used for synchronisation with other compatible devices. These gadgets are equipped with a large LCD screen. Any information thus received can be viewed on the 4.3 inch LCD widescreen. The TomTom Go 520 has a range of memory starting from 512 MB, 1GB or 2GB internal flash memory. My colleagues who are now using the Tom Tom Go 720 say that the memory of their car gadget is also awesome.

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