Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sony Ericsson C905 Has Been Declared As The Best Selling Phone In UK

As per news received from the USEB, a new Cyber-Shot Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone has been touted to be the best selling phones in the UK. The Sony Ericsson C905 is possessing around 29 percent market share and thus, it has collected the remark of being officially the best selling phone. Because it is the latest entry in the Cyber-Shot collection of Sony, the phone has captured its own position as one of the superbly and seamlessly designed camera mobile phones. The phone is truly brilliant and its 8 megapixels camera is adequate enough to explain why. Although the market is now boasting of quite a good range of mobile phones with 5 or more megapixels camera mobiles but this one has all that additional specifications and qualities to push it ahead and to be top of those recent crops.

Another reason why this handset has outshone other best selling phones in the UK, mainly camera mobiles is due to the label of 'Cyber-Shot' which is embossed on the phone. This embossed label on the phone alone assures this is going to be the best of the lot and is able to outperform any other camera mobile phones in market, as Sony has dedicated all its sheer diligence and expertise to make special range of camera mobiles with this 'Cyber-Shot' range.

This stunning phone allows the users not to let any precious moments go without having them captured through its excellent camera lens. Though eight megapixels alone ensures premium quality of the camera, its associated features such as xenon Flash, Auto Focus, ultra low light modes, image stabiliser, face detection equip this phone with all that features, a photographer would dream of to accompany his camera and in his camera enabled mobile. Besides, it has other appealing specifications too that have contributed with sufficient reasons to make this one of the best selling phones in the UK. All you need to experience is to hold this handset in your hand and start navigating.

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