Friday, 28 November 2008

Rely on first hand experience of mobile features only

Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the HTC mobile phone that supports GI feature is the Android operating system. This system allows you to download software and other programs.

To execute any software on the HTC G1, you just need to tap on the icons and working on its keyboard is just like having a walk in the breeze. Indeed, the thing what other mobile users are jealous of this device is its GPS feature which is agile enough to trace this device even if you misplace it.

You should not be misled by the gossips regarding the HTC touch G1 and the Apple iPhone unless you have a first hand experience of these devices. Are you allergic to the the virtual keyboard as available in the G1? If it is so intolerable, you can experience the physical QWERTY keyboard of the Apple iPhone. However, the Internet browsing on the G1 is far better than that of any other mobile phone. Even if you consider the camera capability on the G1, it would outsmart the iPhone on any given day as the G1 is equipped with a 3 mega pixel camera and the iPhone upholds just a 2 mega pixel camera. Despite these capabilities, the G1 falls short of storage capacity when compared with that of the iPhone as the storage capacity of the iPhone is 8 to 16 GB which is more than that of the G1.

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