Thursday, 27 November 2008

Make Out The Differences Among Samsung Mobile Phones

All most every feature that appears on the Samsung i8510 INNOV8 does appear in the M8800 Pixon. The major features like the Internet, FM radio with RDS, camera, down-loadable games, Bluetooth, GPS function, Quad band network and many other features are common in both these widgets.

However, when you consider the difference between them, you should take into account not the features but the capabilities of the features. First, take their data storage capacity. The internal memory capacity of the Samsung i8510 is 8/16 GB and it also has 128 MB of RAM. But, the internal memory of the Samsung Pixon is 200 MB and its external memory is expandable to 8 GB with a microSD memory card.

The capacity of the battery also matters a lot as it decides the life of mobile phone. If you have a look at battery capacity of the Samsung i8510, you shall find that when it if fully charged, it can deliver almost 8.5 hrs. of talktime and while not in use, it can standby for approaching 310 hrs. But, it has been found that the talktime and standby capacity of the Samsung M8800 Pixon is less than that of the i8510. Still, you can go on distinguishing between the two in terms of look and performance but to conclude, it is better to say that both the samsung mobile phones have their own respective users who understand the importance of each of these smart phones.

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