Thursday, 4 December 2008

BlackBerry Mobile Phones: Historical Growth From Pager To Smartphone

What is today's sleek and smart wireless device to handle every mode of wireless communication within our hand was launched as a two-way pager in the early nineties. The history of BlackBerry mobile phones emerged as just a pager in 1997 when the consumers did not feel necessity of sending emails through a mobile phone was not created. BlackBerry had included functionalities such as corporate data access, calendar, paging (of course), organiser and also wireless Internet browsing with its primitive model BlackBerry 850. It spread the ripples amongst its business class consumers in a way that in 2005, the handset coined the accolades from PC World and became known as the the 14th greatest gadgets of the past 50 years.
The BlackBerry is the brainchild of the unit of the noteworthy Canadian manufacturer, Research IN Motion (RIM) and continues to excel futuristic features for making consumers always ahead of the rest, like itself. Different modes of wireless communications that BlackBerry phones offer including email, text messaging, website browsing, faxing through Internet and provides various types of wireless information came up in 2002.The earliest model of BlackBerry mobile phones, the 850 pager later was evolved to don PDA looks with an enhanced display, improved battery from 6/8 lines to 16/20 lines and then a lithium battery. The memory space was also lifted from 4 MB to 8 MB flash memory. The handset was also able to sync 10 emails from its full fledged pager functions. But, the BlackBerry range opened up world of colours at its handset with full colour screen of 5810.

Switching from QWERTY to SureType keyboard is another significant episode in the history of BlackBerry mobile phones. Because some consumers complain QWERTY keyboard models appear a bit bulky, RIM decided to design BlackBerry phones with a new definition of keyboard – the SureType to shrink the device into the size making it slide into shirt pocket easily. However this SureType keyboard ended up in 2006 with Pearl series. The reason why Pearl of BlackBerry became prominent due to its inclusion of trackball from side scroll wheel.Today, we have 8000 series of BlackBerry – another technically loaded episode in the history of BlackBerry mobile phones. This 8000 wave of BlackBerry made BlackBerry a full-bodied business class plus entertaining widget with array of modern technologies including EDGE in GSM network, Wi-Fi and other enhanced specifications. The most recent series of BlackBerry is 9000 where touchscreen, slider phone, angular and curvy keyboard to make these phones a must have for people who seek exclusiveness and excellence. Now Blackberry is in market with full fledged smartphones series like BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900, BLACKBERRY CURVE 9360, BLACKBERRY CURVE 9320

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