Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pay As You Go Phones : A reliable and cheap way of communicating

Pay As You Go Phones also known as the prepaid phones are the phones where the user have to make an early payment for the usage of connection. These phones provide various advantages to the users. These phones are mostly popular among the college going kids as they can get their phones recharged from their pocket money and can use it till the time they get their next pocket money. These phones are also very popular among the normal users as they don't feel cheated when they use this phone. It is because it does not involves the pain to keep yourself updated with changing term and conditions and tariff rates.

These phones are also a great way of curbing or limiting your monthly expenditure of phone bills. It can be done in this way as the user can purchase this phone and then he will be restricted to use the available balance only. Thus this phone is also of great use in normal household. Another main advantage that the users of this phones enjoy is that if at any moment they feel that they are not satisfied with the service of the network provider they are free to switch off to another connection. But this advantage sometimes also becomes the disadvantage as there are chances that the user might discover the above mentioned problem only after when he subscribes to the connection. In that case it would not be easy for him to leave the connection and move to other as then again he will have to spend money to purchase the connection. Some of the best pay as you go phones from sony ericsson and nokia are SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 WHITE, SAMSUNG GALAXY S3.

But there are also disadvantages that the user of Pay As You Go Phones suffer from. First, in case where there is no availability of recharge service these phones become useless. Secondly, though Pay As You Go Phones work on transparent basis still they prove to be more expensive as they are more susceptible to the hidden costs and charges.At the end it is clear that the Pay As You Go Phones offer a high degree of affordability and when its benefits are compared with its disadvantages, the benefits clearly overpower its weaknesses.

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