Thursday, 3 April 2008

Wi Fi Mobile Phones - Innovative And Enabled With VOIP

Wi-Fi Mobile Phones are revolutionary devices that have extended the reach of VoIP services to mobile phones. Earlier, the revolutionary technology that is VoIP was restricted to laptops and computers, but now it has made its presence in other devices too including mobile phones. Using VoIP has always been cost effective and now after the extension of the services to mobile handsets, low cost mobile connections have become a reality. It has become possible for users to make 3-Way Calls or make the most of advanced features such as call waiting and call transfer, with the presence of this connectivity option in their mobiles.

The Wi-Fi mobile phones work in a wireless IP network. So, wherever the IP network is available, it is possible for you to access the internet connection using your mobile handsets. The mobile phones serve their users with quite a few business functionalities as well. I personally handled one such phone and found a lot of services possible such as SIP Messaging, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Rejecting, Mute, Redial and other services such as Call/Hold Resume. The Internet connectivity options also come handy to people who want to enjoy the fun of gaming in their handsets. The Wi-Fi mobile phones normally give a standby of 2 to 3 hrs and a talk-time of 48 to 80 hrs. So, it becomes possible for the users to use these handsets to access the internet for long hours.

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