Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nokia N95 8GB V/S Nokia N82 - Enriched with advanced multimedia capabilities

Nokia is an undisputed leader in mobile telephony world that guarantees an incredible experience to its users. With the innovations, the latest nokia phones are powered by sophisticated technology and intuitive designing. Therefore, it can be said that Nokia has taken giant leaps ahead to satisfy the enticing ‘next generation’ users with its advanced technology. The candy bar styled and slider opening, Nokia N82 and Nokia N95 8GB handsets respectively cater to the needs of users in diverse areas.

Broadly speaking, both the handset comes loaded with top-of-the-line multimedia capabilities such as 5 megapixel camera options, music players, FM radio, multimedia messaging services and downloadable games that take the communication to new heights. The built-in camera features ensure the users to capture and record memorable moments with immense perfection. While, the integrated music player in Nokia N82 and N95 8GB allows the users to cherish the lively music at anytime of the day.

Without worrying about the memory storage, users can save varied content on these handsets. The Nokia N82 comes with 100 Mbytes of built in memory that can be extended to 2 Gbytes using MicroSD™ memory card. On other hand, users of Nokia N95 8GB provides massive internal memory storage of 8GMbytes. In addition, N95 8GB phones comes with an integrated GPS navigation feature that supports maps for more than one hundred countries. Truly speaking, the connectivity options of Nokia N95 8GB are more advanced than N82. As a matter of fact, N95 8GB allows its users to remain connected with a range of 3G connectivity options that include USB 2.0, Pop Port, EDGE, HSCSD,WLAN Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The elongated battery of Nokia N95 8GB allows the users to enjoys larger talktime in N95 8GB than N82.

Lastly, I would say that, Nokia N95 8GB supports advanced connectivity options and larger talktime when compared to Nokia N82. Therefore, multimedia capabilities in both handsets are all the more same.

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