Friday, 8 February 2008

LG KU 990 - Let the LG Viewty Sweep You off Your Feet

If the awe-inspiring appearance of the LG KU 990 Viewty isn’t enough to sweep you off your feet, just have a look at its features! It offers so much of freedom while capturing the shots. No worries, if you make a movement while capturing the most important shot! The image stabiliser feature will take care of it for you. The imaging quality is further enhanced by the Schneider-kreuznach lens, auto-focus, and xenon flash. Multimedia messaging, text messaging, instant messaging, or emailing is so easy with this extremely sophisticated looking gadget! The gadget supports wireless connectivity via the Bluetooth technology, and wired connectivity through theUSB .

The 100MB of internal memory along with the 2GB of expandable memory is more than enough to store my favourite music, videos, important content and much more. Voice and video recording features are truly mind blowing. It’s so much fun sending recorded messages to your close ones. With the FM radio integrated in theViewty , music is always with me wherever I go. The gadget is just superbly crafted with all the relevant 3G features so efficiently integrated in it. High speed download is also allowed with the HSDPA technology which comes integrated in this mobile phone. This imaging focused gadget is truly a masterpiece from LG. I would recommend it to all the mobile lovers who need a stylish and sleek handset that actually performs.

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