Friday, 8 February 2008

Nokia N95 8GB - The Trend Setter Mobile Phone Brand

Nokia N Series mobile phones are the hottest trend of the market. The market is stormed by the strong waves of the Nokia N Series. I was also carried away by this unstoppable wind and as a result I have the power, I have the Nokia N95 8GB in my hands. This amazing device holds an enormous sized memory by providing 8GB of internal memory. The 5 Mega Pixel camera of this phone not only lets me shoot high quality pictures but I can also shoot great videos. The screen quality is the best I have ever encountered so far. Menus and appearance of this phone are superb. This gadget also gives the facility of using both CDMA and GSM facility just by changing the preferences.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the GPS feature in it. This is superbly supported with the actual maps of over 100 countries. The GPS is user-friendly and gives clear directions to me. I liked this handset more because of its music and video player. The sound quality of this astounding machine is excellent and it can play almost all of the musical formats. The N95 8GB is quite identical to the Nokia N95 but the only difference is its excellent memory size of 8GB that gives me the freedom to carry all my favourite music, pictures and other files with me. Another major feature is its 3G compatibility. The N95 8GB mobile also allows sending emails and e-cards with lightening speed. It also serves the facility of accessing fast Internet easily. The Nokia N95 8GB is a phone made for all and I personally think that you should also go for it.

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