Saturday, 2 February 2008

Voip Mobile Phones- The Wireless Revolution on The Way

VOIP - "Voice Over Internet Protocol" is discovering the new way for telecommunication. Now the hectic wire connected devices has gone over from our life and VOIP or cordless phones has taken their place efficiently. As the articles are also telling the same thing .

By Dennis Jaylon-
For quite some time since its inception, the Internet was nothing more than a virtual platform for people to meet and communicate with each other in a non-verbal fashion. Apart from bringing the whole world closer through chat rooms and emails, there wasn't much that the Internet could do to connect users verbally. This scenario changed with the entry of the VoIP technology that gave users a much needed verbal communication platform.
As far as the development is concerned from a manufacturer's point of view, it is just another usual turn of events. However, users have a different story to tell about the VoIP technology, which has actually narrowed the distance between them and their friends to a great extent. Internet users can now talk to their friends and relatives over Internet telephones or VoIP phones, to be precise through this technology.
The VoIP technology works on the calculation of transmitting voice calls over the Internet or through an IP based network. Through this technology, two kinds of phone services are available in the form of regular telephone adapter based VoIP phones and software based VoIP phones. The former can be used to make and receive calls to and from any phone, while the software based VoIP phones need a computer to transmit the voice signals.
According to another post:
Broadband Phone is some thing which charges you cheaper than your traditional phone service and connects you internationally at low prices with high voice quality. To use Broadband Phones you need to have a broadband internet connection which is essential to avail this Broadband Phone service. It provides high speed data traveling which gives you best sound quality. Voip phone service is now creating a revolution in telecommunication world by replacing your traditional wired phone. Saving up to 30% on your phone bill and still use the same phone and phone number you already have is another is tempting feature by the VoIP.

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