Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Nintendo Wii – Gaming & Fun The Way I Wanted…

Video gaming is my favourite pastime and the Wii from Nintendo is my favourite gaming console. I am actually obsessed with this most wonderful console I have ever used. The most interesting part and probably also the most desired one is the huge storage capacity of this device plus the least power consumption and an easy-to-use interface. I was desperately willing to obtain it and so decided to grab it as soon as it hit the market floor. The device has got a main memory of 88 MB, flash memory of 512 MB, and an external memory of 64 MB.

So my concern about the storage capacity was very efficiently handled by the Wii. The 4 remote controllers use Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity. The fun of playing games is further augmented by the superb video quality of this console. Besides play, the Nintendo Wii gives me the freedom to watch various channels of my choice that include the Mii, Forecast, & Disc Channels and others. The Wii interface is quite similar to that of the tv. I can switch from one channel to another just like I would with my tv remote controller.

The most beneficial side is that I can save energy. Yes, only 18 watts of power is consumed while it’s on and just 1.3 watts when I leave it in standby mode. I feel like being in an altogether new world with my new Wii as it lets me have fun via gaming in an ideal environment. Just what I wanted!

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