Friday, 18 January 2013

Latest HTC One Series Phones - One finds very strong platform

HTC gets huge popularity in the market where it has been introducing very celebrating series of handsets named One series. The handsets of this series are well designed and featured to cater the most intelligent applications. The HTC One Series have been offered with many benefits along with some incentives. 

As some prime players in mobile phone market are introducing their high-end series of handsets, HTC has also its own series of handsets, so that it can depend on them. The HTC One Series Phones have been very strong personnel of HTC that gets huge business when the One handset comes out in the market. Here, the handsets have been made updated in accordance with the time and you would find them performing smartly. HTC has been doing very good work to its handsets. When it comes to the design, HTC pays its attention and concentrates innocently. Here, you would fall in love with the HTC handsets when you have a look on it. Moreover, HTC believes in “Love At First Sight” and so does it do for its handsets. 

HTC handsets find very powerful support from Google’s Android operating system that plays very intelligent job in operating One series. Year by Year, HTC makes latest updates in its handsets and the step comes with a number of benefits. HTC One series comprise many handsets that have earned huge popularity. All the One handsets are coming with HD display along with HTC Sense 4 applications. Besides, HTC has also brought some special applications with the help of its One series. Here, the series got two new apps named ImageSense. Besides, HTC One series do also provide you with an improved experience with the addition of beats audio. All the handsets in series feature this augmentation, giving people an incredible music experience to take pleasure in at all times. Here, there are some One handsets described below – 

The HTC One V – One V comes with single-core processor of 1GHz that greases its all applications. The handset has been made with 3.7 inches wide display that responds very beautifully. Besides, the handset runs smoothly with the help of 512 MB of RAM. On the rear side, HTC One V comes with 5MP camera that clicks very vivid images. 

HTC One S – One S was welcomed warmly in all over the market. The handset gets 4.3 inches wide display that features super AMOLED capacitive touch screen. It comes with huge memory capacity storing 16GB of data and you can get your data stored without any help of microSD card. 

HTC One XL – Powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, HTC One XL gets its OS much smart to run the applications beautifully. One XL finds very large display measuring 4.7 inches. On the rear side, the handset finds very high-end camera featuring 8MP lens. 

HTC One X – It has attracted more people with the help of its memory capacity. It makes you store 32GB of data internally. The handset runs on Android with the help of 1GB of RAM.

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