Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Apple iPhone - Portable With Multimedia Features

With the emergence of high-end technologies embracing the human world and minds, the need for keeping sophisticated mobile phones has become a norm. Although the phones serve multi-dimensional functions, at the same time it also offers a style statement. One such versatile and extremely high-featured phone has been recently launched by Apple Incorporation and is called the iPhone. It has a touch-screen with a virtual keyboard. The main functions of iPhone include the features of both, a camera phone as well as a portable media player.

Apple iPhone has a quad-band frequency receiver, which works on the principle of GSM. It also supports Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution or more commonly termed as EDGE data technology. Apple iPhone offers the facilities of call merging, caller ID, conferencing and compatibility and integration with other network services. The iPhone has the capability of accessing Internet using Safari Web browser when connected to a Wi-Fi or an EDGE based network.

The web browser of Safari lets the user access full web pages unlike other smart phones or PDAs. The web pages on iPhone may be viewed either in a landscape mode or portrait mode.Apple iPhone has a 3.5 LCD with a resolution of 320×480 pixel at 160 ppi. It has a scratch resistant glass with high optical quality. It is especially created for use with multiple fingers or a multi-touch sensor. Since the screen has the ability of being capacitive, hence no stylus is required.

In common with present day iPods, the battery of the iPhone is rechargeable but uniquely it is also user-replaceable. The SIM card is positioned in a slot at the top of the device and is activated through iTunes. The iPhone does not contain a memory slot. The iPhones are locked to particular service providers that include AT&T, or T-Mobile or Orange. You’ve got everything you need on the move right in your hands; this is the power of the apple iPhone.

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