Monday, 6 August 2007

Sony VAIO N31S/W - Optimize Your Potential

The new age digital world is smarter and more advance than ever before. So, we have new gadgets and gizmos lined up - all to ensure that we can multiply our ability to multi-task. One such revolutionary device that aptly complements our contemporary lifestyle is a laptop. And such is its popularity, that desktops are now a dying breed. Easy to carry and compact, laptops empower you to work at office, at home and anywhere in between.

One of the leading manufacturers of ace laptops is Sony. It has introduced a series of laptops in its VAIO family - the Sony VAIO N31S/W being one of the best models in the series. The Sony VAIO N31S/W comes with a stylish look with enhanced features concealed inside. The gadget is equipped with the powerful Window Vista and Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 processor. Thus, not only your work speeds up, but also you get the benefit of a rich user interface.

The 15.4” vibrant screen with deep colours enhances the viewing & imaging prowess of the Sony VAIO N31S/W . Plus with GeForce Go 7400 graphics card, the screen bursts with liveliness. For more mirth and entertainment, the laptop comes with a dual-layer DVD writer. Logging on to the online world comes easy with its WiFi and modem port, while the long battery life gives you enough time to finish work at leisure.

The absence of Bluetooth and card reader though will raise a few eyebrows. Even in the “new style of mobile computing” one would not expect some basic features missing (specially when even diminutive gadget like mobile phones are now Bluetooth packed).

Ignore the absence and you will find enough reason to revel in its experience...

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