Monday, 6 August 2007

3G Network Services - Information Revolution in UK

The mobile phone market is like a daily soap opera where each moment there is some interesting twists and turns coming up! And with mobile phone convergence taking rapid strides, the scenario becomes all the more fascinating. Among all, the one to rule the roost till now, is that of 3G technology (4G, unfortunately, will take ages to come to Europe!). Combining voice and data, telecoms and internet, digital content and delivery,3G convergence has effected a major technological change in communications, almost driving an information revolution.

So, if the mobile phone (through convergence) has become a catalyst comprising of all three sectors of the communications industry, it now becomes imperative for companies to guage the opportunities and threats involved in the area of mobile convergence.

The launch of 3G has expanded the use of mobiles, though video calling has never assumed any significant part of it. Operators suffering from falling revenues for voice services, will be encouraged to go for non-voice services (such as messaging, games, logos, ringtones), or traditional forms of media such as entertainment, news, sports and finance.

The leading wireless infrastructure manufacturers are under threat if they do not successfully deliver their 3G platforms and win contracts from the top wireless carriers. While, wireless carriers are under pressure from investors to deploy 3G services to recoup investments. 

Another impending threat has been brought by globalisation. This could mean that the entire mobile service industry is finally driven by the top 10-20 global operators, who have the power to carry a capital structure necessary to support the acquisition of 3G spectrum licenses. 

It has also been observed that a large number of companies, involved in this business, are in advantageous positions. As Nokia believes, they can gain user acceptance by allowing them to interact with the world in multiple domains of life. The key lies in it's recent expansion into newer areas like imaging, music, media and games. 

The competition will surely reduce the number of players in the industry. On the other side, business models based on partnership will be quite a winner for continued success. It not only generates opportunities for all players, but also fosters innovation. 

So, keep tuning in for all the hot n' happening news on mobile convergence... as Mobi gears up for another market survey!

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