Wednesday, 8 August 2007

It’s a battery, a tablet? ...NO, it’s a cell phone!

Competition is getting fiercer in the slim mobile phone category with the regular heavyweights belting out one slim phone after another. From super-slim Samsung U100 of the Ultra Edition II lineup to Nokia's slim N series phone – N76, everybody is jumping the slim bandwagon. The race for the slimmest mobile phone was just beginning to heat up, when some unknown player from China have managed to sneak past the global giants to put forward their claim for the title. 

Xun Chi 138, a dual band GSM phone measuring just 67 mm in length – a tad longer than the AA battery - now has the prestigious title. It would take a lot to better this dimension and the record is likely to stay there for sometime. Predictably, the handset is feather light – a mere 55 grams! As there is no space for a keypad, the designers decided to go with a neat 260k coloured touch screen with Handwriting Recognition. 

Amazingly, despite its extreme dimensions, the Xun Chi 138 manages to include a VGA resolution digital camera (interpolated to 1.3 megapixel), GPRS, WAP, USB port, media player and an impressive 138 Mb of internal memory pool. Maybe now we can truly proclaim 'size does NOT matter'!

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