Thursday, 12 June 2008

Snooper Strabo And Syrius Making Your Way Easy

The Snooper Syrius is a navigational device. It comes preloaded with highly detailed city navigator NT road maps for the UK and Ireland. This GPS device is packed with a top-notch user friendly interface and software.

With an outburst of Global Positioning Systems or GPS, going on the new route won’t be a problem anymore. The Snooper Syrius is one of the best selling vehicle navigation devices in the current GPS market. The latest Snooper Strabo GPS is sleek in design that comes enhanced with wireless capabilities.

The dedicated device can be installed in any vehicle as it weighs just 1.1 Kg and measures 10x2x8cm. The satellite navigation system is embedded with a 3.5 inch colour LCD touch screen. The multi-coloured navigation device offers a high resolution of 320x240 pixels. Moreover, a finger-touch screen interface makes navigation easier.This navigation device is pre-installed with the UK and Ireland Street level mapping and provides automatic routing to the users. Moreover, users can search for unknown routes and later plan a visit with ease and comfort. One could check out the route by simply filling in the street, town and city name into this gadget. After a search, the device offers 3D mapping perspective or 2D overhead view and also provides easy driving directions.

The GPS device accepts extensive customised point of interest (POI) like school zones, ATM booth, hotel, gas station and safety cameras. The speed camera detector indicates users to follow required speed limits at points of alert and counts down accurately to accident black-spots and speed safety cameras as well. In addition, the Snooper Strabo allows users to avoid traffic tie-ups by simply pushing a button to calculate a new route. Moreover, it offers the fastest, shortest route type that avoids toll roads and congestion charges area.The Snooper Strabo is considered as an ultimate travel companion for you as this portable GPS navigator also offers a digital entertainment system. The device is integrated with an MP3 player that makes the journey unforgettable. Moreover, the built-in rechargeable battery refers that there is no need of permanent installation.

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