Sunday, 6 May 2007

Welcome 2 MobileDom - Hottest Trends in Mobile Phones

Mobile maniacs & folks who are curious to know or discuss the hottest trends in the mobile phone industry, Mobi welcomes u all to Mobiledom - yes, our very own kingdom!

We all acknowledge the fact that mobile phones are ubiquitous and simply indispensable to our contemporary lifestyle (imagine a day without it!). The myriad choices available in an ever-expanding industry would leave anybody awestruck - they make me feel like my last handset was dated B.C. 

The buzz now is product, technology and brand convergence; mobile TV, mobile Music and numerous new and emerging markets in mobile digital entertainment - there was a pavillion dedicated to Mobile Content at 3GSM 2007. 

The Judgement Day has come for all standalone gadgets! 

Mobi promises to do his best to keep u folks abreast of all news, reviews, trends, gossip and updates from the mobile industry and hopes his readers will do the same.

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