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Motorola Milestone Review Spec - Best Contract Mobile Phones

Reviewing a phone requires in-depth knowledge about the product. An existing user is the best person to tell about the product and hence, user reviews make a mark while making a purchase. It provides all the ifs and buts associated with the mobile phone and even the special attractions made available to give out a fascinating performance. It provides all the detailed specifications about the product which proves to be very beneficial prior to purchasing the same product. 

Motorola, an American manufacturer is not left behind in any aspect with newer products to present the modern technology traits. One such smartphone came to forefront with the launch of Motorola Milestone XT720. It provides a great alternative to the expensive Apple iPhone. It even presents an improved and bettered approach to the previous handset from the same manufacturer, Motorola Dext. 

Attractive features at a glance

  • 3.7 inches capacitive touchscreen 
  • Slide out QWERTY keyboard 
  • Voice enabled Google search
  • 8 GB memory card included which can be further extended upto 32 GB 
  • Both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Good signal coverage 
  • Microsoft Exchange integration for corporate emailing support 
  • 5 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash 

Design and Overview : The outlook of the smartphone

Motorola Milestone present a better build quality compared to other Android smartphones. It even provides a noticeably thinner approach with a sleek dimension of 115.8 x 60 x 13.7 mm. Moreover, the 165g weight makes it handier than other heavier phones with same features. The 3.7 inches capacitive touchscreen display makes it competitive to rivals like HTC Hero. 

The slide out QWERTY keyboard offers a pleasing operation with a premium feel. It bridges the gap between the spacious one of Nokia N900 and the cramped one with Palm Pre. D-Pad and Select keys are also included with the handset. Even a 3.5 mm audio jack and Power/Lock key are presented. Even the card slot has an 8 GB memory card inserted which backs up the embedded 133 MB phone memory and can be extended upto 32 GB. Unlike HTC HD2, it doesn't present a chunky handset but the screen size is same for both. 

Interface and Processor: The power within

Motorola Milestone sports the 2.1 Eclair version of Android with the facility of upgrading it to v2.2 Froyo. Besides, general navigation utilities are presented with three homescreen support. Even the icons are re-designed. Notifications appear on top of the 3.7 inches screen along with an easy to use Menu system. It even offers a number of widgets like YouTube to search and upload videos along with a power bar to toggle between Wi-Fi and screen brightness in order to conserve the power of the smartphone. Google Search is also provided along with the voice enabled search support. Moreover, even location finding is facilitated with the inclusion of MotoNav software. 

HTC Hero required a firmware upgrade to make a more popular impact but Milestone comes with the embedded ARM Cortex A-8 processor of 550 MHz. It enabled the handset to give out a faster and impressive performance compared to the former. On the contrary, it may seem nothing when compared to others with similar characteristics and double processing power. It even facilitates multitasking through 256 MB RAM support. 

Calling and Messaging : The standard functioning

Motorola Milestone provides an option to synchronize your contacts and also provides access to corporate network via Exchange integration. Besides, quick contact feature is also enabled which displays the name of the contact with a single tap and also provide various ways of interaction. Even favorite contact list is supported by starring a particular contact. It also presents average call quality with good signal coverage. 

The onscreen keyboard is also improved which assists in easier typing abilities. Besides, threaded messaging is supported along with MMS, Email, instant messaging and Push Email. Even predictive text input is facilitated to enable easier typing. 

Internet access : The best way to stay connected

The WebKit browser works pretty well with the smartphone and being controlled by Android OS, it even facilitates pinching and zooming functionalities. 3G and Wi-Fi support makes it possible to load normal web pages instantly apart from GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB port on board. Even web page sharing is facilitated through the browser. It even presented speedy navigation between different websites with faster downloading as well. The original 2.1 edition didn't possess Flash support but with Froyo upgradation, Adobe Flash 10.1 is also supported which made rendering flash rich websites even more faster. 

Camera and Multimedia : The entertainment options

Motorola Milestone has presented dual LED flash supportive 5 megapixel rear snapper with automatic focusing abilities. Macro mode adds a nice touch to the camera which also present various color correction schemes. The clicked images can also be shared instantly via Quick send option. Video recording is of average D1 quality compared to other Android phones. 

It comes with a dedicated media player with a basic but improved music player. Even the cover flow mode for videos provide better sorting through the clips. It is definitely a step ahead of the one presented with LG Crystal handset. The YouTube player also present a nice interface with high quality videos and a quick search box as well. 

Applications : Adding in more fun

More than 15,000 games are available for download at the Android Market, thus providing a better source of enjoyment. Google Maps are also upgraded to provide more information while assisting in GPS navigation. Some of the attractive applications include beebPlayer which is the Android version of BBC iPlayer, Layar reality brower utilizing the camera and GPS together to provide a different approach to the nearby locations and various games. Apart from that, various pre-loaded applications like organizer, photo viewer/editor, document viewer, voice memo and others make it more effective. 

Battery life and Performance : Long lasting power

All Android phones have lesser battery battery life but Motorola Milestone is a lot better than others. It provides 10 hours support without charging the handset. The 1400 mAh is able to provide support to the various features presented for a fairly longer time, which also affects the overall performance of the product. 

Conclusion : The bottom line

Though the MotoBlur interface is not presented with Motorola Milestone, it presents a faster, powerful and feature rich impact on users with the amazing touchscreen and connectivity options. The slide out QWERTY keyboard simply adds a cherry on the cake. Moreover, the slick interface and premium build quality makes it a decent smartphone. It can be given a rating of 8 out of 10 based on its overall performance.

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