Thursday, 8 May 2008

Prism Phones Nokia 7500 And 7900 - Find The Difference

With the innovative design and advanced mobile telephony features, Nokia is recognized as a trailblazer in the market. The Nokia's Prism collection consists of Nokia 7500 Prism and the Nokia 7900 Prism. The Nokia Prism collection combines striking design with state-of-the-art-technologies. Therefore, these handsets are desired by a wide cross-section of 'fashion conscious' users from different age groups and cultural backgrounds.

The Nokia 7900 Prism is the top-model from the Prism collection. The cutting edge design of the handset comes with glossy front, diamond-cut pattern of keys and an aluminum back cover. While talking about the performance, it is a powerhouse that comes with high-end multimedia functionality, comprehensive messaging features as well as connectivity options. The phone sports OLED or Organic LED display rather than simple TFT LCD. The screen holds a special appeal for the users, as it uses less power and has a greater contrast and wider colour range when compared to traditional TFT displays. The integrated 2 megapixel camera and music player makes the proceedings livelier. The seamless connectivity options enable the users to connect with other compatible devices in more ways than one. For instance, one can share or transfer the data at a high speed.

On other hand, the Nokia 7500 is described as a sibling of the Nokia 7900 Prism. In comparison, the 7500 Prism comes with less features. But, while talking about the design, both the handsets are stylish. The Nokia 7500 Prism is one of the most striking nokia phones in the market with geometric patterns and diamond-shaped keys. Like the 7900 Prism, the Nokia 7500 comes with a complete entertainment pack. The users can listen to music as well as capture all their memorable moments. In this mobile, the users can store multimedia content worth 2 GB and they can enjoy seamless connectivity side-by-side.To conclude, it can be said that both the handsets have a lot in common than just the name. These handsets come with a compelling blend of style and utility. According to my opinion, however, the Nokia 7900 prism is definitely the better bet than Nokia 7500 prism.

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