Tuesday, 13 May 2008

GPS Phones – Locate Your Way With Latest GPS Mobiles

Like any other navigational system, the GPS Phones are very helpful in getting step by step driving directions to unknown locations. The process followed is instant and automatic. The directions are clear and explicit; and the maps on the screens are of immense help. When the driver or rider moves in the wrong direction, for instance, the GPS feature tells him so and helps him to be in the correct direction.

Apart from the direction locator, this GPS feature highlights point of interest or POI to reach specific locations using the shortest routes possible. The software also enables the users to view important POI such as gas stations, hotels, hospitals, schools and many more. Moreover, the users can check real-time traffic, get directions and use an integrated search engine that can provide contact details and directions to local addresses.

Nowadays, all the major mobile phone players are getting on board the navigation bandwagon. As a matter of fact, the Samsung's GPS enabled phones include the i550 as well as Windows Mobile i780. The Sony Ericsson has too made similar announcements with the W760i and the highly anticipated Xperia X1 as well. The Nokia N95 and Nokia 6110 are also very popular with their in-built GPS features.The GPS enabled phones ensure that the journey to a new place is a smooth one. And people in different parts of the world are making the most of these very intelligent gadgets to take a greater control over their lives.

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