Thursday, 17 April 2008

Samsung 760 Ted Baker And its Robust Features

The Samsung Ted Baker is available in a number of colour shades that make it quite attractive. This feature rich phone works on 3G networks and has 2 MP camera, a MP3 player and FM radio option. As it is, the Samsung handsets are famous for their contemporary designs. The 760 is one such model that is built as a result of a partnership between Samsung and Ted. The handset is available in colour shades of reef blue, rouge and coffee. I found all the three sets really fascinating when I last visited the Samsung showroom with my friend.

The 760 Ted Baker measures 100 x 47 x 15 mm. I found the colour screen with 176 x 220 pixels resolution capable of displaying videos and pictures in their original colours. The tri-band support ensures easy connectivity anywhere in the globe. The mobile has a camera, a FM radio and is Bluetooth compatible. It thus becomes possible to wirelessly transfer files from the phone to other devices. The device is very active in sharing files of all types such as music, video and audio with other compatible gadgets.

This light samsung mobile phones gives a standby time of 370 hrs and a talktime of 120 mins. The battery support of this camera phone make it quite compatible for listening to music and playing some amazing games. The Samsung 760 Ted Baker is 3G enabled and one can use it for picture messaging, and data transfer with GPRS. With this Samsung mobile, it also becomes possible for the users to enjoy FM radio programs of their choice as and when they want to.

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