Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Nokia 7500 Prism - An Affordable Mobile Phone

Nokia released its 7500 Prism handset amidst wide speculations regarding its positioning in the mobile phones market. It was in urgent need of a model to regain the lost glory. No wonder, the launching of Nokia 7500 Prism invited a lot of attention. The music focused handset from the family of Nokia succeeded in grabbing the heart of the users who were in search of a model with unique features. The 7500 Prism helped Nokia in regaining the top position in the market.

The 7500 Prism from nokia mobile phones , coming in a choice of colors including pink, blue and green is opted by the users for its desired looks. The handset has a good sized screen that provides an attractive visual display. The 7500 Prism phone carries a fascinating keypad with each key in the geometric shape. The keypad enhances the looks of the phone. The easy to handle mobile phone from Nokia is a music oriented device with a built-in radio, visual radio feature and a music player. Any user with an interest in music will find the phone impressive and appealing. The visual radio feature helps the user in viewing information on the screen as well as listening to her or his favorite radio station. The changeable skin feature helps the user in changing the skin to suit the style while listening the music. This unique feature present in the handset makes it a remarkable model.

By providing approximately nine hours of music entertainment, the phone assures fun and entertainment on the handset making it an adorable one. Downloading MP3, true tones and polyphonic ring tones will be an easy task on this phone. The Nokia 7500 Prism has a built-in memory of thirty MB which could be extended with a memory card. This handset from Nokia carries sophisticated features including EDGE technology, Bluetooth connection and USB cable connectivity. With the support of these features, the fast and easy transfer of files becomes a reality. Browsing of internet on the mobile phone becomes a good option when the user is away from his or her personal computer.

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