Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Fantasy of Samsung F110 Micoach

The Samsung F110 Micoach is one of the latest phones that is empowered with some of the best features. This handset functions with GSM; that makes it perfect for being used in several countries of the world. This mobile is developed as a joint venture between Samsung Mobile Phones and Adidas. Built with a dimension of 101.5mm x 45mm x 14.5mm, the F110 is very handy and can be used for the purposes of entertainment as well as communication.

The very first thing that I noticed about this gadget is its large TFT screen that gives a picture resolution of 176x144 pixels and supports 262 K colours. This screen is a great source of joy as the user can watch incredible videos, pictures and play games for their entertainment. Pictures can be captured with the 2 MP camera and videos can be recorded with the video option. The 1 GB internal memory is ample for storing of files and ringtones that can be opened whenever desired. The battery has the capability of 10 hours of music playback time. This extra-ordinary support is great for listening to songs, playing exciting games and making calls for long hours.

When I first saw the mobile, I started contemplating on the possible ways this wonderful set can be used. The F110 makes one free of all tensions of life with the FM radio bringing entertainment programs. A personal fitness coach would narrate the daily routine of the users - thanks to some very special capabilities and speaker phone options. The Samsung F110 Micoach can be used for multi-messaging purposes as well.

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