Friday, 28 March 2008

Samsung U600 V/S Samsung U700 - The Nascent Differences

The Samsung U600 and Samsung U700 are slide open phones. These handsets are slim and have very advanced technology that shows up in their new and sophisticated features. The phones are versatile in terms of the camera installed, music players and FM radios. So, both these handsets are evolving as the favourite for many people and those who are buying them are more than satisfied with their performance.

The U600 is a quad-band phone whereas the U700 is a tri-band phone. Both these mobiles are supported by EDGE data network support. The major difference however lies in the fact that the former works on 2G networks and the latter works both on 2G as well as 3G networks. So, it becomes very obvious that the Samsung U700 is fitted with a second camera for the purpose of making video-calls.

One could also use both these handsets for listening to music; the handsets serve as ideal phones for playing songs. There is an FM radio in the U600 and that brings all the recent happening and entertains people. In fact, I have seen people listening to their favourite radio jockey and enjoying music numbers played by FM channels using the handset. The Samsung U700 has 40 MB of embedded memory and the U600 has slightly more memory. 

To be very precise it has 60 MB embedded RAM. The memories of these mobile phones do not make much difference as the storage capacity is similar. The other key difference is that the Samsung U600 has a document viewer and its battery gives a talktime of 3 hr 30 mins. The U700, on the other hand, has a battery capability that gives a talktime of 270 hr.

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