Friday, 28 March 2008

Motorola F3 : Removing Class Differences

The Motorola F3 has simple features but still maintains a charismatic look. The handset weighs light and so it becomes easy for people to carry the phone. With a dimension of 114 x 47 x 9 mm, this mobile can easily slide into one’s pocket. Moreover, it is priced cheap and so a large number of people can opt for this phone.

Available in enigmatic colours such as red, black and blue, this handset is meant for those who want to use a phone just for the purpose of making calls. Many people have been telling me that they have lost some of their very costly mobile phones that were either robbed from their office or stolen while on the way. Such instances leave people on the wrong foot, with many of them investing their hard earned money on buying the costly gadgets. To avoid such situations, many people believe in purchasing basic handsets that are cheap. Quite a few people I know have vowed to denounce phones that are highly priced. Going by this logic, the Motorola F3 is a very suitable device for people who are scared to buy an expensive handset.

It can be said that the F3 from Motorola removes class differences as everyone can easily buy this phone. So, you need not worry about your status in front of other colleagues as it is very normal for people to use inexpensive mobile phones like the Motorola F3.This phone’s battery has the capability of giving a standby time of 300 hr and a talktime of 4 hr 30 min. So, once charged the phone can used for a long time without any disruptions.

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