Saturday, 19 January 2008

Nintendo DS Lite - Portable with Wi-Fi Capability

Last week I visited an on-line store for getting some exciting stuff, and there I found the Nintendo DS Lite. This console is much improved and much impressive than its elder brother Nintendo DS that I immediately ordered one. Its sleeker, sexier, and more iPod like look become a strong magnet for me. It has dual-screens that are brighter too. It is much lighter and smaller than its forerunner. It comes with features like Touch Screen and Stylus. However, some people say that PSP is a much better option than the DS Lite, but many people think that playing more and more is better than waiting for the loading times to be completed. The DS Lite features High-resolution games without having any load times in it. It is also Microphone enabled. In the form of DS Lite, Nintendo for sure has developed a Super Genius Device for all.

I did not believe that the Nintendo DS Lite is a Wi-Fi enabled device, but this is true. In addition, the inclusion of Wi-Fi capability allows growing list of original and fun games. The DS Lite is available in the same price tag in which the DS was transpired.

The DS Lite is an aesthetic device that is filed with a plethora of fun games. With the games like Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? Nintendo DS Dalmatian & Friends Edition, New Super Mario Bros and Electroplankton, the DS Lite is a fun packed device to carry anywhere you go. It is available in two different colours- iPod White and PSP Black. The DS Lite is lighter in weight, but not in brain. You will definitely enjoy your the time spent with the DS Lite once you get it for yourself.

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