Wednesday, 23 January 2008

N Series Mobile Phones - The Twins, Nokia N81 8GB and Nokia N95 8GB

One of the obvious perks of writing reviews for is that we get the low-down on the best new phones long before they actually hit the high street.

However, as we get to see and hear all about these shiny new gadgets many months before they land, it's almost impossible to avoid having a pre-conceived opinion of a phone's look and feel long before we ever get to actually get to grips with it.

Because of their incredible feature sets, the launch of any new Nokia Lumia Series Phones is a major event. We were particularly excited about the Nokia N81 8GB because - in addition to its superb apps and features - the phone looks wonderful in all the press shots. It's certainly the most attractive Nseries phone to date.

Unfortunately, we have to admit to feeling mildly deflated when we unwrapped our shiny new N81 8GB because it's finished in a black plastic casing that creaks when you squeeze it and is a sucker for attracting nasty fingerprint smudges.

Still, if you want a phone that excels in music, games and clever multimedia trickery, the N81 8GB is up there with the best. However, the same can be said of the new Nokia N95 8GB.

And herein lies our main issue with the N81; it's always going to be compared to the Nokia N95 8GB, which is 12g lighter and offers users the same benefits as the N81 8Gb, as well as HSDPA, a better camera and lens and built-in GPS for navigation.

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