Friday, 11 January 2008

Apple iPod Touch- The Best iPod Ever

The iPod touch has something of an image problem: it looks like an iPhone, feels like an iPhone. It even includes Wi-Fi and web-surfing like the iPhone. And yet it patently isn't one - a quick look across its glass-covered fascia will tell you that much.

Compare the neat rows of icons on the iPod touch's UI with that of the iPhone and you'll see that it has 11 virtual buttons, compared to the iPhone's 17. The difference is in the number of apps that Apple has chosen not to give you.

The iPod touch doesn't have an email client, SMS text messaging or a camera. You can't use it for one-click access to your stocks or the weather, makes notes or get route guidance using Google Maps. And of course you can't make and take calls with it - even though in theory you could using a VoIP application and the iPod touch's built-in Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is conspicuously absent too.

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