Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Apple iPhone - Bite the forbidden fruit!

The most anticipated and much hyped Apple iPhone has finally been made available for consumers in the UK and US mobile market.

The Apple iPhone has been designed, based on the latest multi-touch display combined with new software applications – enabling you to keep track of all the features at your fingertips. Apple has incorporated three products in its slim profile: a mobile phone, an iPod and an Internet communicator, all squeezed into one.

The iPhone offers a unique OS X, that allows you to create new applications for the mobile phone unlike limited versions of other phone applications. Its a complete touch screen mobile phone without any keypad or stylus. The eye-catchy 3.5 cm widescreen is simply irresistible.

With its multi-touch screen, you can use QWERTY keypad that are displayed on it, similar to Windows mobile or Symbian rich OS Smartphones. Its easier to use and typing mistakes are automatically eliminated.

As far as phone size is concerned, its somewhat larger in the hands, but with slim dimensions of only 11.6mm (much thinner than the most popular RAZR slim phones from Motorola). The device also comes with a 3.5 mm stereo headphones jack and in-built speaker. The iPod connector is used to sync with iTunes on the PC or Mac.

The phone supports quad-band GSM with EDGE. The main drawback of this device is the absence of 3G/WCDMA compared to other phones in the same level like Nokia N series and Smartphones. The Apple iPhone comes with 4GB or 8GB of space – room enough for almost everything you would want to carry on the move. It also supports Safari, the Web browser, built-in Google maps, Wi-Fi and more.

The temptation is there...can you resist it?

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