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HTC Sensation XL - Read Full Spec Reviews

HTC Sensation XL Complete Spec Review

HTC Corporation seems in no mood to let the momentum generated by the original Sensation with no show of smartphones for more than three months. So, here we are flooded with three mega smartphone from the company, with the HTC Sensation XL leading the way.

Trying to make up for lost ground!

It is now abundantly clear that the Taiwanese mobile phone giant is not at all happy with the kind of sales that the HTC Sensation is picking up. This is not surprising as along with this premier maker OS smartphones, a number of mobile phone industry experts are also baffled at the way potential users have chosen to ignore the original Sensation. The reasons for this lack of enthusiasm is not known. It may be that the economic slow down has finally started reflecting negatively on the sale of smartphone devices. Or that there has been a surfeit of them and one or two of the more popular ones are bound to flounder. 

HTC in the past couple of months has downloaded four to five smartphones each of which is a big name in itself into the market place. These include along with the HTC Sensation that we are talking about, the HTC Sensation XE, HTC Titan, HTC Rhyme, HTC Explorer, etc. 

Coming back to the present subject of our attention, the HTC Sensation XL, there hardly can be any doubt in anyone's mind that here is smartphone handset that is big in every which way you can think. Be it the width of the touch sensitive screen, the processor, the operating software, the camera or any other aspect that you can think of like the mobile phone internet connectivity and data networking attributes. Each of these aspects has been dealt with generously by the maker and this gets immediately reflected on the phone itself. 

What seems big today does not seem to be so tomorrow!

Imagine lugging around and holding a 4. 7 inches wide WVGA LCD capacitive touch sensitive screen toting smartphone handset around. You also have high definition viewing of video footage possible with this behemoth of a device as also sparkling clear and bright as the day light display. It is really amazing how the mobile phone companies manage to somehow hop, jump and skip across to the next level when every time you feel that “this is it, I do not see it expand or grow anymore”. 

Technology does give you the answers for every predicament. But it is the same technology that throws at everyone concerned new and still newer challenges to be met every now and then. We thought four inches is wide enough for any mobile phone users. Now we had 4.3 inches and now seemed to have hit the limits with the 4. 7 inches wide monitor. Or is it so? We do hear for a new monster gadget popping out of Samsung pretty soon with a five inches plus screen. Indeed What next. 

The screen sizes already seemed to have touched the zenith as anything more would immediately relegate it to the realm of tablets and even smaller notebooks. 

Every other feature is also gigantic in proportion and stature!

Talking of its other features, the HTC Sensation XL has the single core 1.5 Ghz processor extending the device its power and the latest from the Android stable, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread running it. 

The Sensation XL then takes the quantum jump when it comes to y our audio listening experience has it has the state-of-the-art Beats audio embedded safely within its shiny anybody metallic frame. The design is typical of most HTC smartphones. We recommend the White version of the HTC Sensation XL that has a silver lining to it at the bottom. 

Exquisite looks, powerful processor, latest in operating software and the finest virtual surround sound audio, and ultra fast 3G net connectivity that is coupled with Bluetooth and other related features for data networking as well as sharing of audio visual content to compatible devices like HD television and computers. 

If you are not satisfied with this sumptuous fare, you still have the eight mega pixel camera that can record 1080p HD videos in the rear and a more modest 1.3 mega pixel secondary snapper at the front of the handset that willingly and effortlessly does video calling for you.

Now for some downsides

We thought HTC could have made for some expandable memory space. Now the HTC Sensation XL's on board capacity of 16 GB fixed and final. 

Secondly, we felt HTC has really gone overboard by launching so many similarly equipped smartphones all at the same time. There could have been a more intelligent gap between these few launches. Now, this overdose will clearly kill one or the other smartphone we are talking about. Prices are the best by any standards! This is one area where HTC Corporation has always led the way. The abundance of HTC Sensation XL deals that has contracts, SIM free and pay as you go mobile phone deals does make y our buying decision a very easy and happy affair.

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