Monday, 3 November 2008

Wii Fit: Exercise in your own private and personal space

There have been many innovative ways to exercise and most of them have been quite interesting. However one of the marvellous new innovations made by Nintendo has been perhaps one of the most wonderful experiences of my life in the way of exercising while having loads of fun.Virtual reality has been an entity which has started to be used for a variety of purposes. Nintendo has used virtual reality perhaps at its most enjoyable version yet in the form of the Wii Fit. As the name itself suggests this is a sort of virtual exercising kit which uses the recent technology in its games to make the user exercise while having fun as well. Fitness has hence achieved a new dimension altogether in the form of the Wii Fit.This is an electronic marvel which truly gives a new definition to the field of touch based games. The technology in this game requires the user to stand over the Wii Balance board which consists of pressure sensors, which are used for the basic purpose of sensing the user and then calculating his centre of balance. A marvellous device, the Wii Fit is perhaps one of the most personal ways in which a person can do routine exercises without having to spend money on a gymnasium and also getting subjected to annoying glances of onlookers.

There are many things that one can do with the help of this device. One can do Yoga with the postures like Tree pose, Half moon, Warrior while getting helpful tips from an on-screen 'yoga instructor'. The balance of a human being is also improved with the help of balance games in the Wii Fit. Some of the notable games are Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump and Table Tilt. The Soccer heading involves the player to stand over the balance board and tilt his body either to the left or to the right and head incoming balls into the goal. Another fantastic game called the Ski Slalom is basically a game where the player stands over the board in a skiing posture and leans either way while skiing downhill at an amazing pace. These games not only give a sense of enjoyment but also do the primary task of improving the person's sense of balance.

Perhaps the most direct feature to normal exercise is the strength training category of this device which has games which are primarily exercise routines like doing push ups and torso twists. These games give the user a personal exercise schedule along with a trainer on-screen who corrects the wrong postures while doing the exercises. It thus helps the person in doing the exercises correctly.The Wii Fit is therefore not just a gaming device which can be found in any gaming market, but is a new feature altogether. This device makes the user do exercises in the form of playing games and hence removes the standard monotony with some exercises while increasing the interest and the zeal to exercise.

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