Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Reviews From Industry

There are many features of this handset which give the pleasure that is possible from using the various features in this mobile device. Hence if one has to start with telling the features of this magnificent handset then one of the major features of this handset is its connectivity capacities. The features in this regard are all quite advanced and hence technologies like GPRS in its Class 10 version and EDGE also in the same version are both responsible for the speed of data transmission. Then the quality of the process of the data that is being exchanged is also ensured by the Bluetooth technology which is present in this mobile device in its 2.0 version. The handset is also capable of sharing data with USB devices due to the presence of MicroUSB OTG feature.

The next feature which is quite useful as well as a wonderful one is the ability of this handset to take nice pictures and give the user the pleasure of listening to good music. Hence the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte has a 3.2 MP camera which is able to take high quality pictures bearing an image resolution of about 2048 x 1536 pixels. The standard feature of autofocus makes the process of taking a good picture quite easy and hence this device is also a good camera mobile phone. Next point that deserves to be talked about is the musical features of this nokia mobile phone. Hence the user is able to listen to songs which have the format of MP3, AAC or eAAC. A decent VGA video facility allows the user to take the advantage of the high quality video features of this handset.

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