Monday, 28 April 2008

Samsung MiCoach - Samsung Plus Adidas, Tied Up For Better Innovation

The discovery of Samsung MiCoach is not revolutionary step. It is just the extention to the mid of 80's computer based Micropacer running shoes. The Samsung F110 MiCoach has a better option for each of your steps sidekick recording while running and guiding you along your sports endeavors while playing your favorite music to make physical workout a bit more pleasant.

Some of the major keyfeatures which makes the Samsung MiCoach different from other's are mentioned as follows -

Key features:
  1. On-board miCoach application measuring sports progress and giving voice feedback
  2. Synchronization with miCoach web-based coaching system
  3. Built-in accelerometer with step counter
  4. Stride sensor and heart rate sensor in the extended package
  5. Comes with sports headset, 3.5mm audio jack remote and an armband
  6. 2 megapixel camera
  7. 1GB of onboard storage
  8. FM radio
  9. Stereo Bluetooth
  10. Works without a SIM card inserted

The Samsung F110 MiCoach system works just similar to the popular "Nike+ Digital training System". But it has some differences. There is no need to put on some special shoes or equipments. Just put on the accessories on the walking foots of your shoes and connect it to your Samsung MiCoach phone wirelessly. Now the mobile phone will work as a double equipment and a multitasking processor as well. It will record the real time feedback on the running stats and also you can play the music at the same time. We can say that this is the better handset by samsung mobile phones and adidas to tied up a knot for better serving.

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