Monday, 24 March 2008

Samsung D900 V/S Samsung U900: Samsung Reigns the Market Again

Samsung has reasons for its enjoyment of a large share of the mobile phone market. It has always taken care to provide the latest technological features on the mobile phone. Apart from the pretty looks, it is the useful and advanced features that made the handsets from Samsung a common name among the mobile phone users. The two models viz. D900 and U900 invited a lot of attention and curiosity from the users at the time of launching. Thanks to the good will of Latest Samsung Phones. These models also succeeded in maintaining the name and prestige of the Korean electronic giant like their predecessors. 

The Samsung D900 camera phone with anthracite colored casing is a slide opening handset with user friendly features. The slim model is easy to hold and operate. The mobile handset with a colorful TFT screen provides a multicolored display that fulfills the bright display needs of the users. The handset along with an expandable memory also carries a built-in music player that could bring new colors of musical entertainment into the handset. Among other luring features include a 3.15 mega pixel digital camera with built-in flash feature, EDGE technology and USB connection.

The Samsung U900 Soul mobile phone with an ultra slim casing is known among the users for its gorgeous looks and enthralling features that most of its competing models fail to provide. The tactile brushed metal finish gives the mobile phone an elegant and classy look. The U900 handset is a 3G phone with adorable display features that captivates the minds of the fun loving users who form the maximum number of users of this handset. Like any other handset from Samsung, this ambrosial handset also features latest technological characteristics that make the model one of the best ever from the lineage of Samsung. 

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